Our Bailey’s Iced Coffee Freakshake with Dark Chocolate Sauce

June 30, 2017
by Trisha Uncategorized

    You may have heard about Freakshakes. You may love them already. But if you’re a newbie to this brave new world, we’d highly recommend giving this Bailey’s Iced Coffee Freakshake a try. Not only is Bailey’s delicious, creaminess perfect for a freakshake, they’ve just released  their new Mocha and Latte Iced Coffees. They’re made from a unique (and irresistible) blend of arabica and robusta iced coffee with milk, fine spirit and Baileys Irish cream, giving this festive favourite a fresh summery twist.

    It has been widely agreed that the taste is similar to that of an espresso martini, with a deliciously creamy kick. The 200ml cans come in two flavours: Baileys Iced Coffee Latte and Baileys Iced Coffee Mocha, and they each contain four per cent alcohol (so we wouldn’t recommend substituting it for your morning coffee!). They are available to available to buy now from major retailers in the UK at a cost of £1.90 per can.

    [infobox maintitle=”Did You Know?” subtitle=”Many people credit the creation of Baileys to a single man – David Dand, who is often described as the “godfather of Baileys”. David had the vision of blending cream and whisky together with the ambition of creating a drink that was both suitable for the export market and one which would reflect the heritage and agricultural traditions of Ireland. The first experiments to make Baileys were done in a magimix – just like one you would use in a kitchen at home!” bg=”yellow” color=”black” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]

    Tip: If you can’t wait to track them down at the supermarket, you can make your own at home – simply mix 45ml of Baileys with 90ml of cooled coffee, and pour over ice.Since landing in the UK last year, this Australian dessert craze has had us hooked. An indulgent but seriously delicious take on a classic milkshake, when it comes to freakshakes the mantra is definitely “the bigger, the better”. In this recipe, we’ve used Baileys Iced Coffee which we’ve aired with dark chocolate, whipped cream, and cherries for a fresh burst of flavour. And yes, they really do taste as good as they look. You can thank us later.

    Our Bailey’s Iced Coffee Freakshake with Dark Chocolate Sauce


    • • Baileys Iced Coffee
    • • Baileys Iced Coffee ice cubes (optional)
    • • whipped cream
    • • 4 squares of dark chocolate, melted
    • • cherries
    • • dark chocolate shavings


    1. Take a long glass and pour in Bailey’s iced coffee over some Bailey’s iced coffee ice cubes (or normal ice cubes if you prefer).
    2. Top with whipped cream, drizzle on some melted dark chocolate, chocolate shavings and a few cherries.
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