We’re Bringing Brunch Home!

April 23, 2020
by Hattie Brunch

    We’ve got some eggs-cellent news… We’re bringing Brunch home! 

    You told us you wanted Brunch, so naturally, we had to deliver! That’s why, starting from this week, you can now add our limited edition brunch recipes to your box. For the next six weeks, we’re bringing you inexpensive, indulgent meals inspired by global tastes that are just the thing to break up the weekly routine. 

    From sweet treats, savoury sensations to a magnificent mix, each recipe has been given an exciting twist. As all our fresh ingredients are pre-portioned, it’s never been easier to bring Brunch home. Keep reading to see what we’ve got planned (and be ready to immediately add to your box).

    What’s on the menu? 

    Shakshuka with Feta and Flatbreads

    Order by: Tuesday 21st April

    Everybody’s favourite! Of course, we had to start with a Shakshuka. Inspired by the classic North African and Middle Eastern dish, Shakshuka literally means ‘a mixture’. For this recipe, we’ve added chorizo, red pepper to a rich harissa tomato base. Finished with crumbled feta and flatbread for all the dipping and scooping (you’ll want every last bit, trust us!), this is just the treat we all need. 

    Scrambled Eggs with Cheesy Crumpets and Creamy Truffled Mushrooms 

    Order by: Tuesday 28th April

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    We raise you a classic well-buttered crumpet and we see you cheesy crumpets covered with scrambled eggs and creamy truffled mushrooms. Yes, you read that correctly. The rich and decadent flavour of truffle so perfectly complements cheese, egg and the soft, fluffy crumpet. For a super gourmet recipe, this one’s is your go-to. 

    Avocado and Bacon with Toast and Peanut Butter & Mayple Syrup

    Order by: Tuesday 5th May

    A staple on brunch menus everywhere, we had to feature avo on toast. However, in true HelloFresh style, we put a spin on a classic, adding smoky streaky bacon and a crumbling of tangy feta. The stronger flavours work wonders with the more subtle taste of buttery avocado. 

    And, as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also thrown in a sweet treat for the ultimate brunch spread. This week, our brunch offering comes with light and fluffy pancakes coated with a spread of peanut butter and maple syrup. Sweet tooths, we’ve got you covered with this one!

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    Truffled Mushroom Frittata with Asparagus and Truffle Zest

    Order by: Tuesday 12th May

    Roughly translating to ‘fried’ in Italian, a Frittata is an egg-based dish that tastes spectacular. For our recipe, Chef Michael has opted for a beautiful blend of fresh flavours. Think mushrooms, truffle and fresh asparagus to recreate fine dining from the comfort of your own home.    

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    Indian Style Eggs Benedict and Buttery Naans with Mango Chutney Glazed Bacon 

    Order by: Tuesday 19th May

    Prepare to be blown away by the sheer flavour of this dish! Inspired by the flavours of India, Chef Michael has tweaked your standard eggs benedict by adding a dash of turmeric to the hollandaise sauce and serving your perfectly-cooked eggs with buttery naans and bacon smothered in mango chutney. 

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    Pancakes and Homemade Chocolate Sauce with Maple Orange Plums and Granola Sprinkle 

    Order by: Tuesday 26th May

    Pancakes are a brunch must, and we’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you a pancake recipe to top all others. It’s a bold claim. But, with the most decadent homemade chocolate sauce, glossy, maple syrup-covered plums and a sprinkling of granola and orange zest, we think you’ll have to agree!

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