Warming Root Vegetable Recipes for Winter November 6, 2019

by Hattie Eat
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    What is it about eating any kind of creamy root vegetable that makes you feel warm and comforted?

    Maybe it’s their naturally deep, concentrated flavours, the warmth as they roast in the oven, or their sweet, earthy smells. Maybe, it’s all three!

    Because of our love of cooking with root vegetables at this time of year, we’ve got three recipes on the menu this week celebrating these seasonal goodies.

    From sweet potato and parsnip to celeriac, don’t be afraid to try something new!

    1. Sweet Potato and Parsnip Gratin. 

    Made with two sweet root vegetables which are counterbalanced with the pleasantly tangy, bitter taste of cavolo nero, our sweet potato and parsnip gratin is packed full with wholesome, comforting flavours. 

    Give it a try!

    2. Fruity Lebanese Lamb with Bulgur Wheat and Cumin Roasted Carrots. 

    This rich, bubbly hotpot hits the spot on a chilly winter evening, warming you from the inside out. The cumin-roasted carrots topped with colourful pomegranate seeds make it feel super seasonal. 

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    3. Roast Beef & Redcurrant Gravy with Blue Cheese Celeriac Gratin and Chorizo Savoy Cabbage

    The smell of roast beef cooking in the oven instantly makes us feel comfort and warmth, which just so happens to be exactly what we’re craving with these colder days and nights. We’ve teamed the beef with two root veggies sides, blue cheese celeriac gratin and chorizo savoy cabbage for the ultimate winter warmer! 

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