Want to Perfect Your #FoodPorn Photos? Here’s how…

November 26, 2019
by Hattie Learn

    We’ve all seen the social phenomenon that is #FoodPorn.

    The outrageous displays of mouth-watering decadence that once we’ve seen, we just have to eat! But, have you ever tried creating your own?

    Celebrity couple Ollie Proudlock and Emma Connolly have created their own food porn with HelloFresh and now… it’s your turn! 


    Next time you get hands-on in the kitchen, we want you to film it, post it, and tag @HelloFreshUK with #HandsOnHelloFresh, and Ollie and Emma will pick their favourite cosy couple to star in an Instagram film for HelloFresh. Plus, you’ll win FREE HelloFresh boxes for three months. Really!

    So, what are you waiting for? Here’s how to get the most drool-worthy shots that’ll have Ollie and Emma (and your followers) swooning. 

    Perfect That Lighting

    Light is a photographer’s key ingredient, and it’s our first step in improving your photography! 

    Lighting determines the atmosphere of your film. Generally, the bigger the light source, the softer the light will be. So if you’re filming in direct, natural light you’re more likely to capture that oozy, gooey goodness in a soft, glowing light. Whereas, if you’re filming in darker surroundings, it’s worth incorporating a spotlight to create contrast and added drama. 

    Find Your Best Angle


    Angles are everything in photography. Top-down (that’s taking the photo downwards from straight above) is great for getting the whole dish in, while side-on shots (eye level) are better for burgers or sandwiches where you can see all their delicious layers. 

    It’s All About Action

    For food photography, action helps our brains imagine what it’s like to eat what we’re seeing. Think drizzled or spilling sauces, ingredients sizzling in the frying pan, or freshly-plated, hot and steaming food. This is the ‘yum’ factor. 

    Style it Out 

    Keep it simple! Since your cooking is the star of the show, add a fork or a spoon and if the flowers on the table look amazing, make sure to let them peek into the picture. If you’ve prepared some amazing baked goods that don’t have a lot going on on the outside, like bread or a cake, you can cut into it to show some of the texture inside. 


    Ok, so not exactly about the photography… But your caption game can make or break your #FoodPorn snaps. Whatever you choose, make sure to #HandsOnHelloFresh!

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