A Vegetarian Christmas: 11 Epic Recipes

December 1, 2015
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    Have Yourself a Veggie Merry Christmas!

    Ok, ok. I know it’s only the 1st December, but at the Fresh Farm we firmly believe that great planning makes for a much more relaxing and delicious Christmas! Don’t get us wrong, turkey is amazing! But for all those vegetarians, who have been served nightmare-ish, ready made nutroast year after year, Christmas can be a bit dull on the food front.

    But NOT this year!

    A Vegetarian Christmas Dinner

    Traditionally, Christmas has a strong focus on turkey, meaty sauces, lots of potato and stuffing. The vegetables are beautiful but they, alone, are not enough for such a celebratory feast! We’ve chosen our vegetarian recipes that are hearty and have something a bit more rich and festive about them. We’ve got a huge range – and they’ll go well with the other trimmings too!


    lentil moussaka

    1. Warming Lentil Moussakawith Ricotta and Sautéed Spinach

    Whether you’ve got a few vegetarians coming over for Christmas or not, this lentil moussaka is a winner. It’s extremely hearty, warming and full of flavour; you can thank the bay leaves, thyme, ricotta and hard italian cheese for that!


    courgette and cheese gratin

    2. Courgette and Cheese Gratin

    Silky strands of tender courgette, softened and roasted with molten cheese and herbs, served with fat, crispy baked potato wedges. Your vegetarian friends will literally LOVE you for this one!


    lentil and aubergine stack

    3. Lentil and Aubergine Stack

    “A pile of pure pleasure” is the way I would describe this lentil and aubergine stack. The gentle creamy roux sauce works so well with parsley, lentils and this melt in your mouth aubergine.

    Bedouin Spiced Winter Veg

    4. Bedouin Spiced Winter Vegetables Stew

    Parsnips, check! Swede, check! This winter vegetable stew has all the makings of a great Christmas dish. With cinnamon and all spice – this dish will take you on a great adventure this year!


    lentil and feta middle eastern tart

    5. Middle Eastern Lentil and Feta Tart

    Who doesn’t love a bit of puff pastry at Christmas? Make this oh SO simple lentil and feta tart for your meat-free food lovers.

    Lentil and Vegetable Hotpot

    6. Lentil and Vegetable Hotpot

    This chees-y, potatoe-y hotpot is full of mushrooms and lentils, to give it a real meaty richness. Dig in!


    Mexican Black Bean & Buckwheat Bake

    7. Mexican Black Bean and Buckwheat Bake

    There’s no reason why Christmas can’t be a little bit spicy! This Mexican black bean and buckwheat bake will fill you up. You’ll be ready for board games and sherades in no time!

    Lentil Vegetable & Butter Bean Chilli

    8. Butter bean and Lentil Chilli

    Butter beans are so filling and are great with heavy, rich sauces like chilli!

    provencial vegetable gratin

    9. Provencal Farmhouse Vegetable Gratin

    This vegetable gratin is a great alternative to dry, vegetarian stuffings!


    vegetarian quinoa and courgette patties

    10. Quinoa & Courgette Patties

    These cheesy quinoa patties are flavoured with turmeric and wonderful courgettes. They’re a great vegetarian filler for christmas day.

    spinach and ricotta lasagna - vegetarian

    11. Spinach and Ricotta Lasagna

    This is a classic vegetarian dish which works so well at Christmas! Spinach and Ricotta lasagna is the ideal thing to make if you’re cooking for a lot of people who won’t eat meat!

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