An Indonesian Veganuary: A Gorgeous Gado Gado January 19, 2018

by Rebecca Down Eat

Vegan food has come a fair old way in the last few years. Back in early 2000’s, it seemed so extreme that many viewed it as an affliction rather than a lifestyle choice. And who could blame them? Back then vegetarians were still very much an afterthought on restaurant menus, so how were their plant-based cousins going to get a look-in? But the tide is turning. Not only has the first month of the year been renamed ‘Veganuary’ (on some calendars at least), but the number of mindblowing plant-based recipes and restaurants is proliferating.

Last month I headed over to Bali to research (ahem) a few recipes and stumbled across a jewel in the herbivorous crown: the Gado Gado at The Hanging Gardens of Bali.

If you’ve ever heard of The Hanging Gardens before it could be because you’ve seen it in any number of lifestyle magazines / dream Pinterest boards or vacation wishlists. With secluded rainforest spa rooms, eternally smiley staff and the most breathtaking infinity pool I’ve ever seen it’s little wonder. But this destination is no one-trick pony.

The internationally trained kitchen brigade are taking local dishes and ingredients to create a menu that’ll knock your sarong off. Enter The Hanging Gardens Gado Gado.

This dish is an absolute Balinese staple and you can find myriad iterations all over the island. The key ingredient is tempeh, a soy-based ‘cake’ of sorts that’s been used in Indonesian cooking for hundreds of years. If you’re a carnivore looking to temper your meat consumption this is a great substitute. Add some little boiled potatoes, an egg, some fresh salad leaves and top it with a spicy peanutty sauce and hey presto you’re done!

In my most daring piece of investigative journalism yet I cornered the head chef for their recipe and he gave up the goods…


P.S. Once Veganuary has finished you might want to try their high tea too (see below!) 

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