Our Cuter-than-Cute Printable Love Coupons February 11, 2016

by Trisha Our Cooking tools

HelloFresh Love Coupon Free Printables

With only three days left until Valentine’s Day those of you in relationships, who still haven’t bought a present, may be slightly stressed. I mean, I know what you’re thinking: “how on earth am I going to top the papier mache model of his face from last Valentine’s?”. Tell me about it…

Simple, Yet Effective: Our Love Coupons

Don’t worry – as you know, we’re about More Than Food. We’re also about making sure you aren’t left in a pit of giftless despair this Valentine’s. So, our amazingly talented Susana drew these Love Coupons for you all – all you have to do is:

  1. Buy some fancy card
  2. Right click on the printable version (below) and save it to your computer
  3. Print the saved file (landscape)
  4. Add this to some chocolates/wine/HelloFresh dinner or roses

The results:

You’ll be the cutest Valentine’s date out there! *SWOON*.

HelloFresh Love Coupon Free Printables

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