Valentine’s Day: 5 Mini Moments

February 8, 2022
by Kate Eat

    Our favourite foodie ways to keep Valentine’s Day low-key.

    Heart shaped strawberries dipped in caramel image

    Valentine’s Day is on its way, and we’re giving some love to those little gestures of kindness. Whether it’s a handwritten note left out for a special someone or a heart-shaped cookie offered with a cup of tea, there’s lots of fun little things to do to show your partner, friends and family you care, as well as treating yourself. Plus, we’ve got a delicious 2-course menu of Rosemary & Garlic Lamb Steaks with Salted Caramel Chocolate Pot Dessert for those wanting to spend an evening in with a tasty home cooked meal.  

    Take a look at some of our favourite foodie ways of keeping Valentine’s Day low-key.

    First things first

    Heart shaped egg toast recipe image


    Whether it’s breakfast for your housemate, parent, partner or just for you, kick the 14th off with just a little bit of love, without over egging it.


    • 1 egg 
    • 1 slice bread 
    • 1 tablespoon butter 


    1. Cut a heart-shaped hole in the centre of a piece of bread and butter it lightly. You could use a heart-shaped cookie cutter if you’d rather not do it freehand.
    2. Fry the first side in a non-stick pan or cast iron skillet until lightly browned. If there’s extra room in the pan, you can toast the heart cut-out as well. 
    3. Flip the bread to brown the other side, carefully cracking an egg into the centre hole.
    4. Cook until the egg is to your (or their!) liking.
    5. Remove from the pan and enjoy. 



    Toast with the most

    Heart toast image

    Take a working from home lunch up a notch with cute-as-can-be cut-out heart toasts. Pop on the side and give some love to a humble soup or salad. 


    Love our Love Coupons

    Valentine's Day coupons

    Not big on extravagant gifts? These coupons are simple, and super cute. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Buy some fancy card
    2. Right click on the printable version (below) and save it to your computer
    3. Print the saved file (landscape)
    4. Add this to some chocolates or a delicious HelloFresh dinner 


    A sweet note

    Heart shaped strawberries dipped in caramel image

    Do you find chocolate-covered strawberries just too sickly sweet? Keep it classy this year with a touch of sea salt and caramel for next-level flavours. Cue heart eyes emoji.


    Dreamy desserts

    Amaretti Tiramisu recipe image


    Is your one true love…dessert? If it is, then this decadent but oh-so-simple 4-step amaretti tiramisu is the perfect match. Super simple to prepare, why not end the day with this indulgent treat?

    Amaretti Tiramisu

    Serves 4


    • Amaretti biscuits, 20-24
    • Espresso or strong coffee, 2 shots/2 oz
    • 250ml Mascarpone
    • 250 ml Whipping cream
    • Icing sugar, 1/4 cup
    • Vanilla, 2 tsp.
    • Rum or brandy, 4-6 tsp.
    • Cocoa for dusting, 3-4 tsp.
    • Chocolate shavings


    1. Make two shots of espresso if you have an espresso machine or 2 oz of very strong coffee.
    2. Divide your amaretti cookies between 4 pots. Pour 1/2 of espresso shot in each glass over the cookies and 1 tsp. of rum.
    3. Whip mascarpone and cream with icing sugar and vanilla until stiff peaks form, it will take about 5 minutes.
    4. Divide your mascarpone mixture evenly among 4 jars. Dust with chocolate cocoa and shaved chocolate.


    However you decide to spend the 14th, whether it’s with a loved one, friend or enjoying some time to yourself, try some of our mini moments this year. Looking for some more inspiration? Click here and discover plenty of Valentine’s Day ideas. 


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