Unboxing: A HelloFresh Review

October 26, 2016
by Trisha Our Cooking tools


    What is HelloFresh?

    HelloFresh will send you a box of fresh ingredients sourced directly from the farmer along with some recipes created by in-house chefs, every week. All you have to do is cook.

    HelloFresh Delivery

    [accordion] [item title=”Where Does HelloFresh Deliver?“] HelloFresh now delivers across the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland). To confirm that HelloFresh can deliver to your address, enter your postcode at the checkout. Exceptions include islands off the coast of mainland U.K. and the Scottish Highlands.
    [/item] [item title=”What if You’re Not Home for Delivery?“] When checking out, you can provide instructions on what to do if you’re not at home to accept your delivery. In fact, most customers are not present when the food is delivered. Some customers simply ask for their box to be left in a shed, with a neighbour or outside their front door. Whatever your personal circumstances, HelloFresh’s friendly drivers will do their best to find a way to make HelloFresh work for you.
    [/item] [item title=”How Do the Ingredients Stay Fresh During Delivery?“]Don’t worry if you’re not in – all boxes are packaged using speciality insulation and environmentally friendly cooling agents in order to keep your groceries fresh (whatever the weather) for up to 30 hours![/item] [/accordion]

    What Recipes Does HelloFresh Have?

    HelloFresh Chefs

    HelloFresh’s chefs Victoria, Mimi, Patrick & Andre spend their weeks preparing exciting new recipes for their customers. On average a HelloFresh customer will cook around 156 new recipes a year, while the average Brit cooks just 12 different recipes a year.

    In short, HelloFresh provides a huge variety of different recipes from delicious, traditional British grub like our Pork Chops to adventurous recipes from around the world like Mimi’s Coastal Fish Curry  and their Shanghai Style Turkey Stir Fry Noodles.

    More Recipes From Around the World:

    [columns_row width=”half”] [column]

    Moroccan Spiced Cod 

    [/column] [column]

    Harissa Halloumi Tabbouleh


    Hoisin Pork with Noodles

    For More Exciting Recipes
    Check Out Next Week’s Menu

    [button content=”See The Menu” color=”yellow” text=”white” url=”https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/recipe/week/next/classic-box/?year=2016″ openin=”_self”]

    Does HelloFresh Have Vegetarian and Vegan Meals?

    Freekeh Pilaf with Mango Halloumi and Balsamic Charred Peppers

    Our Vegetarian Persian Freekeh Pilaf with Mango Halloumi and Balsamic Charred Peppers

    HelloFresh has a vegetarian recipe box which is completely meat-free and full of unique, exciting vegetarian recipes and fresh produce every week.

    How Many Calories Do HelloFresh Meals Have?

    HelloFresh describes their food as nutritious and well-balanced. If you would like your dinner to be low in calories, you can choose their “low calorie” menu preference after you’ve ordered your preferred box and all meals within that box are 600 calories or less.

    Is HelloFresh Healthy?

    Cooking with fresh ingredients helps you stay healthy and beats any type of convenience food, frozen food or fast food. By preparing your meals with fresh ingredients you ensure that important nutrients aren’t lost. In addition, HelloFresh’s chefs create our recipes to ensure a balanced diet. Since the chefs and nutritionists create and select recipes on a weekly basis, they are able to ensure that your diet is nutritious and provide all the nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle.
    To help you understand what you’re eating every recipe card lists the calories, saturated fat, carbohydrates and protein in each meal. You can also view these for your upcoming meals by heading to recipes.


    The allergens contained within every meal are clearly outlined on HelloFresh’s recipe cards.

    How Much Does HelloFresh Cost?

    • 3-Meal Box for 2 – £39 (Vegetarian – £36)
    • 3-Meal Box for 4 – £59 (Vegetarian – £57)
    • 5-Meal Box for 2 – £49
    • 4-Meal Family Box for 4 – £64

    [button content=”View All Boxes” color=”yellow” text=”white” url=”https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/tasty/food-boxes/” openin=”_self”]

    Is HelloFresh Worth it?

    That’s hard to say but here are some testimonials  – let’s see what the customers say:

    [columns_row width=”half”] [column]”We are eating a lot healthier, it’s great knowing everything is fresh. We are even losing weight! A win win situation! Look forward to the box arriving and my daughter helps out in the kitchen now, taking a real interest and getting excited about cooking.”[/column] [column][/column] [/columns_row]


    [columns_row width=”half”] [column]”HelloFresh has allowed my wife and I to spend more time together. It has made meal times interesting again. Before I used to do all the cooking, and my wife would be doing other things. Now we cook together. We are learning new techniques and having fun doing it.” – Adam & Kate[/column] [column][/column] [/columns_row] [columns_row width=”half”] [column]”It really has changed my life. No more microwave meals, no more random concoctions of courgette based meals and no more 9pm supermarket dashes. I eat well and for the first time in my life, I actually enjoy cooking. I’ve never particularly enjoyed planning meals – it always stressed me out; Hello Fresh has taken this stress out of my life…” – Louise[/column] [column][/column] [/columns_row]
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