WIN a box with the Easter Llama

March 22, 2016
by Trisha Eat

    HelloFresh Easter Llama


    Well… you might be familiar with the age old Easter Bunny. He’s been delivering eggs since 1682 – which makes him over 300 years old. Now, most bunnies live for around 9 years, so while the Easter Bunny’s done pretty well, he doesn’t want to push it. He’s asked us to let you all know that he’s gone into retirement in a little cottage on the side of a hill, with a garden filled with delicious carrots and a chimney billowing with the smoke from his open fire. No one knows this but back in the day, the Easter bunny was quite a stud and had a thing for the llama ladies (because their ears are all pointy and fluffy like his own). He had a love affair with a wonderful lady llama called Lily and his great-great-great-great-great-great grandson is actually a llama. CRAZY no? So, meet the Easter Llama, he’s the new kid in town this Easter.

    Llama the Wise

    Let the llama tell you what kind of egg hunter you are with his online personality quiz!

    Llama the SNEAKY!

    Today, our Llama is hiding somewhere on our team page. If you find him, just click on him and you could win a HelloFresh box.

    CLUE: The Easter Llama loves kiwis.

    Happy Easter to you all from the team at the Fresh Farm!

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