Meryl’s Mighty Matcha Hot Chocolate Recipe October 19, 2016

by Trisha Our Recipes

Matcha Hot Chocolate recipe

“Who is this Meryl?” I hear you say. Well! She’s only our witty new creative genuis of a Content & Social Media Manager – so look out for her on the blog soon! Not only is she an absolute pro when it comes to dazzling you on Facebook and Instagram, she’s also a pro when it comes to making hot chocolate apparently. She casually made one of her matcha white hot chocolates in the office… and walked back to her desk with a lot of envious glances at her cup. So, I got the recipe out of her in the end and it’s super easy!

Did you know?

Matcha tea contains the amino acid L-Theanine. This gem of a nutrient promotes the production of alpha waves in the brain which helps you relax – but without any drowsiness. Perfect for an evening in!


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