Tips for Roast Turkey

December 21, 2014
by hellofresh Learn

    Easy Roasted Turkey With Sage Butter by I breathe, I’m hungry


    4 more days until the Christmas lunch where everyone comes round to sample your cooking skills. Roast turkey is the highlight and dreaded dish to make, as it is famous for being dry. So, we wanted to give you a few tips from us at the farm to ensure that the turkey is lovely and moist. 

    – Brine : We like to brine the turkey overnight so that it keeps the meat juicy, tender and flavoursome. Depending on the taste, we like to brine ours with apples, oranges, pears, cinnamon, honey and salt.  You can always change this brine depending on your tastebuds, just remember that if you brine it in say, beer the turkey will brown quicker due to the sugar content.

    When it comes to cooking the turkey, ensure that it is dry otherwise the skin won’t dry out and crip up. You’ll just end up steaming the turkey and you won’t be able to achieve that gorgeous golden shine.

    – Stuffing : We love stuffing on the farm and so we do opt for the stuffing to be cooked separately. However for those that need to have the stuffing inside the turkey, then ensure it is loosely stuffed so everything can cook evenly without drying (or worse burning) out.

    – Butter or olive oil : We like to stuff garlic butter under the skins before roasting, so that not only does it ooze heavenly garlicky juices but will keep it moist. If calories are a concern then olive oil will work as well.

    – Ovenpan : Ensure that you turkey is elevated on a metal roaster, as this means air circulation can reach the whole turkey and cook it evenly and it will achieve the similar look throughout.

    – Foil : If the turkey is browning too quickly, gently cover it with foil as you much rather have turkey that is done well rather than burnt.

    – Rest, rest rest : We can’t stress this enough, rest the turkey for at least 30 minutes before cutting!

    If all of that is too stressful (we understand) just click on the picture above to get a great recipe for turkey!

    So, that is our little tips for roasting turkey from the Hello Fresh Farm!

    Happy Cooking!

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