Seeing Double? The HelloFresh Twins: Myles & Lewis February 18, 2016

by Trisha Our Stories

What a Pear!

Meet Myles and Lewis. They look really similar, right? Well, they’re the first ever identical twins to work at HelloFresh. So, I wanted to scrape the surface and find out what mischief they’ve gotten into!

A bit about Myles:

Myles is a very excitable guy, he’s always got a huge grin on his face and is always in an infectiously good mood. He’s also a massive photography fan!

A bit about Lewis:

A City­boy living in a nice, small country town in Surrey – that’s a 2 hour commute! SUCH dedication! When Lewis isn’t assisting the great customers at HelloFresh, he runs a pub with his partner,

 What are the weirdest Twin-related Questions you’ve been asked?

  1. ­ Are you both the same age!?
  2. ­ Do you feel each other’s pain?
  3. ­ Can you hear each other’s thoughts?

What do you dislike about being a Twin?

­ Being called the wrong name.

­ Looking at baby pictures because we don’t know which one is which unless we ask our parents.

Being Twins: The Experience at HelloFresh so far?

Interview stage:

­ Myles’ first experience was at the security desk where he was questioned for not having his ID (security thinking it was Lewis).

­ Lewis receiving a text stating that Myles had entered the office and that no one was ever told he had a twin despite this being in Lewis’ introductory message to the office.

­ Myles asking a current employee “What’s it like working at HelloFresh?” to get the following response ­ “Are you being serious… you work here don’t you!?”

In the Office:

­ People are constantly saying to Lewis “I saw your twin!…” with Lewis not knowing how to respond.

­ People throwing the “I like Myles better than you” as a joke, a dry dry joke. *sad face*


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