Fresh From The Source: Our Suppliers August 30, 2019

by Rebecca Down The Fresh Faces

Delivering fresh, great-tasting food to our customers is at the heart of what we do. So when it comes to sourcing the ingredients that go into our recipes, it’ll come as no surprise that we take our time looking for the best possible farmers, producers and suppliers out there.

Fresh from the source

At HelloFresh, we believe that everyone deserves fresh food straight from the source – and that starts with our suppliers. Our in-house team works hard every day to foster close relationships with honest and trustworthy suppliers to source beautiful, quality ingredients for the delicious recipes on the menu each week. 

We carefully select suppliers who share our values and high standards for quality and sustainability, to ensure that we can consistently offer our customers the best quality ingredients possible. Our procurement team (the people who source our delicious ingredients!) work tirelessly to build long-term relationships with our various suppliers from the UK and beyond visiting them on a regular basis.

It’s wonderful to see how much pride our suppliers take in the ingredients they produce and the steps that take to ensure that quality and freshness are of the highest importance. The better the quality, the better the taste and we hear this time and time again from our customers

Vegetables and Herbs

Quality, variety and freshness are the three things we look for when it comes to selecting and choosing the fresh veg that fills our boxes.

From curly kale and bok choy to Tenderstem® broccoli and seasonal squash, we source a huge range of vegetables to ensure our recipes are as varied and exciting as the ingredients that go into them.

We only use the freshest vegetables and herbs possible. The majority of the veggies that go into our boxes comes from local suppliers and is delivered straight to our packing facility so it can be packed and sent off to our customers as quickly as possible to ensure optimal freshness and taste!

Sustainability at HelloFresh

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