The Clarkes: You’ve Given us our Dinner Mojo Back May 3, 2016

by Trisha Our Recipes
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The Box Arrives…

We couldn’t wait to get home from work to open our box, we were completely taken back with how well the whole package was put together in fact it was like Christmas! The kids gathered round pulling out fresh ingredients from the box and then started the debate on what meal we would do first and couldn’t wait to get stuck in cooking.

We decided on the pork medallions and boy were we not disappointed! We were blown away with the taste, flavour and quality of the dish and the recipe was so easy to follow, my husband raved over every mouthful and the children came back for seconds.

How the Box Spiced up their Dinner…

My husband at best struggles to make cheese on toast and wants to cook the prawn linguine tomorrow night, already your box has made a massive impact on our lives and can’t wait for next weeks arrival.

So, why does HelloFresh work so well for the Clarkes?

Basically we have a very hectic life/ work schedule I work in accounts and my husband is a plasterer. On Sunday we’ve been married 12 years and have 3 great kids josh 18, grace 11 and Joe who’s turning 2 next month and they all have different food requests due to various clubs and activities and timings.
Dan bought me the gift for Christmas of two weeks HelloFresh and I have to say I was unsure how this would work for us as a family but if anything it’s brought us closer together. Yet again when we all arrived home our box was waiting for us and we couldn’t wait to get in it only this week my in laws came for a look too and were taken a back by the variety and quality of all the produce.

Their Favourite Dish?


Tonight I’ve cooked the sausages with sweet potato mash and onion gravy this has been my favourite so far although I say this every time, I’ve always thought I was a pretty competent cook but the herbs and spices are used in such a way that’s it’s a pure taste sensation.
I feel that using HelloFresh has given our family the opportunity to enjoy spending quality time together which is rare! No more grab it and go meals, no more slow cooker that’s been on all day and lost its flavour. you’ve given us our mojo back and were loving it.
We’ve recommended you guys to all our friends and family and the girls at work can’t wait to hear all about Dan’s new cooking skills and what’s been on the menu.

At The Fresh Farm, when we get emails and stories like this from our customers, we genuinely send them round to the whole team. It really makes us feel like our boxes are helping people enjoy dinner more! Think this sounds like something you’d enjoy? Whether you’re a family or not, we’ve got a box for you. Try our boxes here.

Do you have your own HelloFresh story to share? Write to, we’d love to feature your story on our blog.

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Maureen Edwards says:

Your boxes look good, but you only start at 2 & I’m on my own.
And would like to try 1 but 2 would be too many ingredients, & by the time I would be ready to use the rest they wouldn’t be fresh anymore.
M Edwards.

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