Take the #DinnerTimeChallenge

January 18, 2017
by Meryl Singleton Lunch & Dinner


    How often do you make the most of your dinner time?

    Making time to eat dinner with family and friends isn’t always easy. Our research has shown that a huge percentage of the population don’t take dinnertime seriously, and tend to see it as a thing of the past. We want to put a stop to this as we know (and we think you all know too) the great benefits of sharing food, sitting around a table and chewing the fat (excuse the pun).

    We understand that good food can bring people, friends and families together. So this is where we need your help. We’re asking people to take the #DinnerTimeChallenge – commit to spending 30 days eating dinner with your family or household as much as you can.

    Spread the word. Get people involved. Highlight the benefits. We know life gets in the way, but if you try extra hard to sit down with your nearest and dearest for a month, we guarantee you’ll reap the rewards!

    And don’t just take our word for it.  We’ve been working with the very clever Professor Jane Ogden: Professor in Health Psychology; University of Surrey; author of The Good Parenting Food Guide, who has spent a lot of her career looking at the benefits that sitting down with your family and household.

    We’d love to see your pics of you taking the #DinnerTimeChallenge – tag us in your posts. Sharing is caring after all.

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