Sustainability at HelloFresh

April 12, 2021
by Hattie Sustainability

    If you’ve been following HelloFresh for a while now, you’ll know that fighting food waste is our mission. It’s why all our ingredients are pre-portioned and packed to reduce waste. We only ever send you exactly what you need to cook your chosen recipes, so there is never any worry of forgotten vegetables hiding at the bottom of your fridge door. 

    And while we’ll never stop sharing our expert’s tips and tricks to cut down your food waste, many other elements go into making our business environmentally responsible and sustainable. In fact, sustainability is a part of everything we do

    Here’s how your weekly box is keeping it green. 

    Keeping More on Your Plate

    When food waste goes to landfill, it impacts the climate by producing greenhouse gases. In total, UK households waste 4.5 million tonnes of food every year1. We help you reduce food waste by purchasing ingredients based on your order, pre-portioned to the gram.

    1. WRAP (2020). Courtauld Commitment 2025 Milestone Progress Report.

    No Detours

    We start our business in the kitchen. Our in-house team of chefs prepare and test all meals before delivering them, making sure customers’ feedback is reflected in our weekly menus. 

    Then we order all ingredients directly from our suppliers. We do this to reduce the number of checkpoints an ingredient needs to go through before arriving with you. This makes our supply chain more efficient than traditional supermarkets and saves CO₂ emissions by cutting back on transport time and extra storage. 

    Innovative Packaging

    Whether it’s removing all black plastic from our boxes or continuing to make ingredients lose where we can, we are continuously innovating to find more sustainable options or to remove packaging altogether.

    Fresh From the Source

    We believe where food comes from is as important as how it tastes. Our in-house team works hard every day to foster close relationships with honest and trustworthy suppliers to source quality ingredients for your best dinner yet. We strive to supply regional and seasonal produce, as well as sustainable agriculture, fishing, and animal farming. 

    Find out More…

    In 2020 we offered more customers than ever a safe, convenient way to source fresh ingredients. As we grew, so did our commitment to do so sustainably. Our 2020 Sustainability Report shows how we acted on this commitment – from becoming the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company to donating €13 million worth of unused food to those in need – as well as our goals for the future. Take a read! 

    What can I do? 

    We’re also passionate about engaging our customers on sustainability. Here’s how to get smart with leftovers to help save money and the planet. 

    5 Ways to Love Your Leftovers

    A Guide to Loving Your Leftovers

    How to Store Your Food 

    How to Use Up Your Odds and Ends

    How to Keep Your Food Fresh 

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