Supplier Spotlight: The Happy Egg Co.

April 28, 2020
by Hattie The Fresh Faces

    Delivering fresh, great-tasting food to our customers is at the heart of what we do. So when it comes to sourcing the ingredients that go into our recipes, we take our time looking for the best possible suppliers out there.

    This week, we launched the first of six Brunch recipes on the menu, a Shakshuka with Feta and Flatbreads, and you may have spotted something different in our list of ingredients… eggs! 

    This new addition on the menu comes from The Happy Egg Co. who supply the very best whole eggs and scrambled egg mix that are naturally high with vitamin D. We got chatting to the team at Happy Egg to learn more about what makes their eggs the very best for our recipe boxes.

    Tell us a bit about how The Happy Egg Co began?

    We’ve always looked out for more ways to keep our hens happy. Chickens are far cleverer than we think, that’s why we gave them sandpits, towers and natural tree/hedgerow shelter on the range to encourage them to be outside and roam further, we believe happy hens lay tasty eggs. That’s why in 2009 we launched the happy egg co. into retail stores.

    What’s your relationship like with your farmers? How do you ensure that they are adhering to animal rights?

    Our Happy Egg farmers are dedicated to making our hens’ as happy as possible. We have a producer guild which is dedicated to the Happy Egg farmers and farms are visited every 6-8 weeks by a member of our regional management team to ensure standards are maintained.

    What are the best conditions for hens to lay the best-tasting eggs?

    We give our hens 20% natural shade cover (RSPCA requires 5%) and they have a bespoke diet for their health and wellbeing, which includes more vitamins and minerals to reduce stress, care for feathers and improve shell quality. We also offer towers, footballs and watering cans to encourage play! The team also works with British Egg Industry Council and the RSPCA to make sure we are up to date with the latest regulations, news and welfare standards

    What makes Happy Egg Co different from other suppliers?

    Our eggs are naturally rich in Vitamin D which is good for healthy bones. Two large Happy Eggs contain 95% of the daily recommended Vitamin D (based on two average eggs 68g per egg) Offering play kits to our hens is vital to keeping them happy and healthy, which means we get to give our customers lovely golden yolks. The dedicated Agriculture team visit regularly to check how the farmers and the girls are doing. We also offer complete traceability so each egg can be traced back to the farm it came from.

    What makes your eggs so delicious?

    A combination of our natural feed, dedicated farmers and happy hens laying delicious eggs!

    What’s your favourite way to enjoy eggs?

    So versatile it’s tricky to choose just one! Scrambled eggs are a great way to enjoy our eggs, and can be a great way to use our whole egg, scrambled egg liquid mix and egg white mix depending on your needs.

     Have you got a favourite HelloFresh recipe using your eggs?

    Couldn’t decide!

    Want to get your hands on our next eggs-cellent Brunch recipe featuring The Happy Egg Co.? Then look out for our delicious Truffled Mushroom Frittata!

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