Staying healthy during the Christmas season

December 3, 2014
by hellofresh Learn

    It is so hard to stay healthy during the run up to Christmas, we certainly have this difficulty on the fresh farm so we have each given a tip on how we stay healthy:

    MG_6135 (1)

    Banana nut porridge by Against All Grain


    1. Start with a healthy breakfast such as porridge with probiotic yoghurt, honey, nuts and fruits on top. This way you will be starting the day full of good vitamins and boosting the immune system. We particularly like the above recipe by Against All Grain, it is not the usual porridge recipe and you’ll need to prepare in advance, but it is packed full of goodness that will keep you going during the run ups to the festive season.
    2. Stay hydrated with fluid, tea and coffee do count however do not rely on caffeinated drinks alone.
    3. Eat proper meals if you are planning to be consuming alcohol later on in the day.
    4. If you know you are going to be busy over the festive period, you can always stock the freezer with meals prepared earlier. This way you can easily have a healthy dinner without reaching out for takeaway or ready meals. ( Hello Fresh meals freeze really well……this is certainly not a marketing post!)

    If you have any more tips for us, then please do share!

    Happy Cooking!


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