Smoothie recipes: the essential ingredients

March 31, 2015
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    Good day fresh food lovers

    Need a little inspiration to get back to healthy this summer? We’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Buy Whole Foods Online to help you kick-start your Summertime health routine.

    One thing we tell ourselves at the beginning of every year, when motivation and willpower are through the roof and we are all well-rested (and slightly more rounded) versions of ourselves, is that this year we will be healthier, fitter and kinder to our bodies. And hurrah (!) it is not too late to fulfil these resolutions. Just slam a couple of handfuls of the most nourishing and delicious ingredients into a blender and gulp that smoothie down!


    Now for the interesting part – what are the most nourishing and delicious ingredients I hear you cry? Well most people know about bananas, strawberries, peaches and the everyday fruits in smoothie recipes. But if you want to go that extra mile for some explosive nourishment, we have prepared a list of unmissable smoothie ingredients.

    Our top 5 smoothie ingredients:

    Acai Berry

    Packed full of antioxidants such as vitamin A as well as fatty acids, iron, calcium and fibre– add some ground acai berry into your smoothie for an all-round health and energy boost.


    The nutritional value of coconut has been making headlines across the health world in recent years. So, whether you are in the mood for coconut milk or just some crispy coconut shavings in your smoothie it will boost your immunity, keep you full for longer and lift your levels of potassium.

    Goji berries

    Another great antioxidant filled ingredient – goji berries are anti-aging and good for the eyes!


    Rice protein

    It does exactly what is says on the tin – add some protein to your smoothie to get you through the morning.


    SHOCK HORROR – avocado in a non-savoury format! But seriously, avocado in a smoothie is killer. That creamy texture and that sweet fruit juice – just. NO.WORDS. Plus, this fruit is a vitamin gold mine: vitamin k, vitamin c, vitamin b, vitamin e.

    A blender for everyone

    As if selecting the perfect ingredients for a smoothie wasn’t hard enough, searching for the best blender for your budget can take ages. So, we have done the hard part for you! All of these models double as powerful ice crushers too, so you don’t need to worry about luke warm smoothies.

    Top end: Vitamix (from £459.00)

    Middle end: the Kinetix Twist (from £99.95)

    Lower end: The Kenwood bl460 (from £39.99)

    Look out in next week’s box of HelloFresh for our latest smoothie recipe and get a big discount on all the superfood ingredients you need to make it with the little gift from our friends at

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