Simple Steps to an Unbelievable Meal at Home

September 18, 2020
by Hattie Our Recipes

    Skip the fuss of making a fancy dinner reservation and spend the night in making a delicious meal. With the help of our menu extras, we have everything you need to transform dinner from dud to decadence. 

    First up, nail the main. 

    Our Premium recipes use the highest quality ingredients

    Of course, you are going to need a showstopper main. Whatever the occasion, be it a romantic date, family night or just a weeknight treat (do we need a reason?!), our Premium recipes are perfect for those special nights at home. Featuring high-quality premium ingredients, such as steak, salmon, lamb and venison, these are 5-star recipes.

    Steak and Miso Lime Butter

    One to try: 

    Steak and Miso Lime Butter

    Nothing quite beats a sirloin steak pan-fried to perfection and paired with sides that accentuate its delicious rich flavour, and that’s how we know we have a winner with this recipe. 

    To get the perfect steak, slice against the grain when cutting. Check the direction of the muscle fibres and cut against these for a steak that is tender and easy to chew.

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    For more impressive mains, take a look at our fakeaway recipes.

    Sides to make it special 

    New on the menu! Artisan garlic bread

    Despite our dreams of a pulling out all the stops for a weeknight, to prepare a side for a weeknight dinner can feel like a laborious (not to mention pricey!) task when stuck with little time after work, school or managing the kids.

    But, did you know HelloFresh now do garlic bread? Ready to order in our extras, this is the easiest way to enjoy artisan garlic bread in a fraction of the time. 

    We’ve roasted the garlic in extra virgin olive oil, before spreading it into our soft and fluffy handcrafted bread to bring a side of indulgence to your dinner table.

    Another true Italian classic, our focaccia is enriched with olive oil, hand-topped with onions and docked by our professionals, then left to rest before baking to create its light, chewy texture. 

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    Finish with something sweet

    For a sweet sign-off to the main meal, these GU puddings will satisfy any sweet tooth with flavours like Zesty Lemon Cheesecake, Gu-zillionaires’ Cheesecake and Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding. 

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    Pair your food with your wine 

    Not only does a glass of wine with dinner already feel celebratory, but the wine can help with the taste of your meal. Pick the right wine and it will help draw out all the delicious flavours and aromas of a meal. 

    As the warm days are met with cooler September nights, why not try a more robust fruity and spicy carignan. The deep, rich flavour pairs perfectly with a good steak. 

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    Think you’ve mastered treat-night? We’d love to hear from you – comment below your favourite recipes! 

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