3 Simple Steps to Mindfulness with Michael James Wong

January 22, 2017
by Meryl Singleton Learn

    Thought mindfulness was hard? Think again…

    Today’s Daily Yay is all about taking a moment to just breathe.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with Michael James Wong from Just Breathe London, a modern mindfulness movement to help bring calm & quiet to our daily lives.


    Michael James Wong is an inspirational speaker, meditater, author & teacher who is recognised around the world as one of the leading voices in the global wellness movement for modern mindfulness and meditation.

    We thought we’d partner with Michael and bring you guys some top tips for simple, relaxing mindfulness (and no, you don’t have to sit cross-legged and say ‘Ohhhhmmmmm’)

    1. Close your eyes and be present

    This is definitely not the right time to fret over that presentation you’ve got to do, or what food you’ll be eating tonight. Michael tells us, “To be mindful is to wake up the world that is right in front of you, to be aware and present in every situation big or small. It’s about being in the room right here, right now, right when it’s happening.” So leave the anxiety behind, and think only about the present.

    2. Control your breathing

    Now your eyes are closed, and you’re not thinking about the whether you should wash your hair today or tomorrow, count slowly to four on your first inhale. Hold for a moment, and release again to the count of four.  As Michael says, “Simply put when we focus on the breath, and control the inhale & exhale in a long, slow & deep way, we’re more aware, more present and we’re back in the room.” Keep everything slow and simple.

    3. Attach a mantra to your breathing

    To keep your breathing steady, you might want to attach a mantra to it. Michael suggests to think “Just” as you inhale, and “Breathe” as you exhale. It’s nothing fussy, nothing complex, but just a way for you to be by yourself and remember to just keep breathing.

    Check out the video below for more detail on how to reach the ultimate state of mindfulness with Michael:


    With events & workshops in London, and planned internationally throughout 2017 and beyond, Just Breathe is helping to start a new quiet conversation that is so readily needed in today’s modern world

    Find out more at michaeljameswong.com and follow his journey @michaeljameswong.

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