Salad dressing recipes

July 4, 2024
by HelloFresh Tips & tricks

    Many people view salads as bland or flavourless, but this could be because they’re just not using the right dressing. There are so many different types of dressing that can help to elevate your salads and bring new flavours, from sweet and savoury to spicy and zingy.


    French dressing

    If you’re looking for a simple salad dressing that is also delicious, French dressing might just be for you. Made from only a few ingredients, it’s the perfect way to bring new life to your leafy greens. Follow the recipe below: 

    1. You’ll need dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, sugar, salt and pepper.
    2. Whisk together 1 tsp of dijon mustard with 2 tbsp of white wine vinegar, 6 tbsp of good quality extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of sugar, salt and pepper in a bowl. 
    3. Once all of the ingredients are combined, serve it with a salad of your choice.

    Honey mustard dressing

    If you’re looking for a dressing for salad that combines sweet and spicy, look no further than honey mustard. An easy salad dressing to whip up quickly, it includes only four ingredients: wholegrain mustard, honey, juice of a lemon and extra virgin olive oil. 

    1. Stir together 2 tsp of wholegrain mustard and 1 tsp of honey, then add in the juice of one lemon and combine together. 
    2. Once those ingredients are fully combined, gradually begin to add 6 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil and you’re ready to serve up. 
    3. Coat your choice of salad evenly and pair it with some crusty bread to mop up any leftover dressing. 


    Lemon and olive oil dressing

    Lemon and olive oil make a simple yet healthy salad dressing that is easy to prepare. It’s especially perfect for pairing with leafy greens such as kale and rocket for a double dose of nutrition. All you have to do is:

    1. Mix 1 tbsp of fresh lemon juice with 3 tbsp of good quality olive oil.
    2. Season with black pepper to taste and add a tsp of water if you want a thinner consistency, then you’re ready to go.

    Balsamic dressing

    A quick salad dressing that only requires a few pantry ingredients, is the classic balsamic. Made of primarily two ingredients, it’s a convenient option that works well with any type of salad. To throw this simple recipe together, follow the instructions below:

    1. Mix together 6 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil with 2 tbsp of balsamic vinegar and mix (or shake) until combined. 
    2. Season with salt and pepper to taste and serve with your choice of salad.

    Sesame and soy dressing

    HelloFresh’s Recipe Development Manager, Mimi Morely, believes sesame and soy dressing proves that salad doesn’t have to be boring. It’s perfect for pouring over Asian inspired salads to give them that extra kick. Check out the recipe below – it’s super simple to make.

    1. Get a small bowl and mix together 2 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tbsp of toasted sesame oil, 2 tbsp of groundnut oil, the juice of 1 lime, quarter of a tsp of chilli flakes and 1 tsp of honey. 
    2. Once combined, mix through your salad then sprinkle with sesame seeds to finish.

    Tahini Dressing 

    Tahini is great to use as dressing for a Middle Eastern inspired salads, pairing especially well with halloumi cheese. Tahini, made from crushed sesame seeds, stands as a pantry staple for many, valued for its versatility in many dressings and sauces. Tahini dressing is relatively simple and easy to make:

    1. Mix together 2 tbsp of tahini with the juice of 1 lemon and 6 tbsp of water in a bowl until combined.
    2. Once it has reached your desired consistency, season with salt and pepper to taste and serve. 

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    HelloFresh’s top salad recipes 

    Now that you’ve discovered some new salad dressings to make at home, why not try them with these delicious salad recipes from HelloFresh? 

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