Recipes to Fall in Love With February 9, 2020

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Cooking is a labour of love, making it the perfect date night activity. 

But, if there’s one thing that will lead to a date night disaster, it’s an argument in the kitchen. For the next two weeks, HelloFresh has everything you need to create a perfect meal for two, minus the kitchen mishaps. 

Putting Love on the Menu

It’s no surprise that steak and chips is the UK’s number one date night recipe. The ultimate bistro meal, steak and chips is a second to none supper that will always taste like a luxury. 

That’s why, for two weeks running, our Valentine’s Special is a show-stopping steak recipe. PLUS. When you select our Valentine’s Special, you automatically order a GU pudding for the ultimate couple’s spread. 

What Can I Order?

8th – 12th February 

Sirloin Steak, Smoky Wedges & Chorizo Salsa 

Oh la la. Think sweet, smoky and seriously intense flavour. Best enjoyed with a delicious glass of red! 

Gu Hot Chocolate Molten Middles

According to our survey, chocolate was voted Brit’s top foodie turn on. You can thank us later.

15th-19th February

Bacon Wrapped Fillet Steak and Blue Cheese Sauce 

The intensity of sirloin with smoky bacon and a deliciously tangy and bold blue cheese sauce is something spectacular. Your date won’t be forgetting this recipe any time soon!

Gü Chocolate Brownies

Delicious. Chocolatey. Indulgence. The perfect dessert to make your evening feel that extra bit special.

Have these recipes got your mouth watering? Order your recipe now and get your first delivery Saturday 15th. Simply look out for our Valentine’s Special tag on the menu. 


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