5 Date Night Recipes For Autumn

October 22, 2019
by Rebecca Down Our Recipes

    Cosy nights in are something we love here at HelloFresh, and our chefs have been working hard in the kitchen to create even more delicious recipes that you can cook at home this autumn.

    We may be biased, but we’re of the opinion that the best date nights are the ones spent at home with a couple of candles to set the mood, your favourite bottle of red, and a home-cooked recipe by yours truly.

    Our Premium recipes are the perfect thing to add to your box if you’re looking to add something a little bit special to your usual menu. Although there might be a couple more things to prep, they’re easy to achieve and shouldn’t take you more than 40 minutes to cook. From seafood to premium cuts of sirloin, the flavours in our premium recipes are restaurant quality without the fuss.

    Our Favourite Date Night Recipes:

    1. Bacon-Wrapped Filet Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce

    This ultimate bistro meal is perfect for when you’re looking for a special dish but don’t fancy being stuck in the kitchen all night. A creamy blue cheese sauce is bold and rich in flavour, making it a fantastic dressing for a steak. With a side of chunky and fluffy potato fries, sprinkled in rosemary and roasted with red onion, the sophisticated flavours in this dish make it a true show-stopper.

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    2. Spice Crusted Lamb Loin with Feta and Mediterranean Salsa

    Aubergine, courgette, tomato and olive make the flavours in this delicious dish sing. Ready in 40 mins, this is a winning dish guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.

    [button content=”Get The Recipe” color=”green” text=”black” url=”https://www.hellofresh.co.uk/recipes/spice-crusted-lamb-loin-5d68c7f11ff897000a530006?locale=en-GB” openin=”_self”]

    3. Monkfish & Prawn Skewers with Asparagus and Bacon Vinaigrette

    Add some low-key luxury to your menu this week with this delicious dish. Juicy King prawns skewered between monkfish medallions and served with a vinaigrette that you’ll be dreaming of for days. This one shouldn’t be missed from your menu! This recipe can be added to your menu for delivery from the 26th October.

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    4. 21-Day Aged Sirloin Steak with Creamy Mash & Garlic Butter Sauce

    All of our premium steak recipes use high-quality cuts of sirloin steak that have been sourced from our trusted beef supplier in Ireland. Paired with seasonal ingredients and sophisticated flavours, this recipe is a winner for a simple showstopping date night at home. This recipe is available to add to your box for delivery from the 2nd November.

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    5. Rosemary Scented Lamb Loin with Blue Cheese, Leek and Potato Gratin

    Treat night. Date night. Whatever the occasion, this recipe is an absolute game-changer. This recipe is available to add to your box for delivery from the 9th November.

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