Patrick’s Indian Spiced Lentil Soup March 2, 2016

by Trisha Our Recipes

Lentil soup recipe

It’ll Warm your Soul…

It’s rare that Patrick has a dish of the week – normally they’re all so good it would be hard to choose. But this lentil soup really got him!

If you’re anything like him, then you’ll appreciate that feeling you have when you find a dish you love. And then eat it 5 out of 7 nights a week. That’s what happened when he whipped up this little number recently. Creature of habit that he is, he made 3 litres and ate it with renewed delight every day thereafter. Once you taste its soul-warming deliciousness you’ll see why.

If you fancy this, don’t forget to order your veggie box before midnight tonight. It’ll be with you next week and you can try it out!

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Geri says:

Really interested in this but it’s not in the box as indicated?

Trisha says:

Hi Geri,

As we have three boxes – a family box, a classic box and a veggie box and they all have different recipes in them, this one wasn’t in all out boxes. I hope you enjoyed the recipes that were in your box!



Clarissa Andrews says:

Hi HelloFresh,

Please may I kindly have the Receipt for PATRICK’S INDIAN SPICED LENTIL SOUP. I have been with HelloFresh for over 2 months now, and its safe to say myself and my Fiance will NOT be Cancelling anytime soon. This has made our Meals times in the Evening 100% better (than the usually 10 or so dishes.. that most people revert to in a busy evening work week). We have the Chief’s Choice for our Boxes…so I didn’t get to taste this lovely offering from Patrick. Please kindly email it to me.
Many Thanks, Clarissa Andrews

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