Our Meat: When Rose & Laura met Simon & Nick July 13, 2015

by Trisha Our Stories

A few weeks ago, our buyer Laura and our head of supply chain, Rose went up to Lancashire to hang out with Simon and Nick – our Butchers. We get a lot of questions about where our meat comes from, and quite rightly! So, we want you to meet our lovely meat suppliers – Nick and Simon, the brothers in charge at Roaming Roosters. These two only source their meat from their family farm or from neighbouring farms:

“If we don’t rear it ourselves we ask our neighbours for it!”

When Patrick, Luke and Ed visited the farm, they made this beautiful video – haven’t seen it yet? Check it out!

Nick and Simon were taught to farm and butcher by their dad, and they have been in the trade since they were teenagers. We love working with specialists, and these guys really know what they’re doing. Check out what Simon has to say about farming, HelloFresh and superpowers further down :). (Rose and Laura also got a chance to meet this oh so cute baby goat! )

Laura with a baby goat - HelloFresh butcher

Laura – our buyer hugging a goat. Lovin’ it!

So, what’s your story, Simon?

Roaming Roosters is all about food that makes you feel good. We got the name as we began farming free range chicken and chicken soon became pork, then lamb, then beef and even buffalo. Me and my brother, Nick, grew up in a farming family and worked with our dad and grandad in the family butchers’ shop from age 6; (when child labour wasn’t an issue), so we know our stuff.

What’s the weirdest or funniest thing that’s happened since you started Roaming Roosters?

Seeing my dad (farmer Geoff) replicate Miley Cyrus’ naked pose with a pig – I never wish to see that again!

Who is your role model and why?

It would have to be Chris Evans and Richard Branson, both entrepreneurial icons, yet at the same time, down to earth guys.

HelloFresh visit roaming roosters

“Hmm, this clay mask will do wonders for my skin”

baby chicks

What’s the hardest part of the job? 

Keeping a fair price for our farmers. We work with them directly and support them in rearing in traditional ways so that the animals lead healthy, happy lives, the farmers get a  better return for their animals and our customers enjoy healthy, tasty food.

What’s the most rewarding part of the job?

When you get great customer feedback, we work so hard to provide the best product we can, so it’s great to know people have enjoyed it.

If you were going to have a superpower, which one would you have and why?

To turn things into cheese – I love cheese!

Rose with a baby goat - HelloFresh meat suppliers

Shoooo cutttttteeee!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 2 items would you take with you and why?

Cheese (obviously from the above) and steak – I eat steak most nights for tea so not sure i could live without it!

Do you think there is intelligent life in outer space?

Erm never really thought about it, but would be good to find out wouldn’t it?

If you were a vegetable or fruit, which one would you be and why?

Is this a chat up line and you’re going to call me a cutecumber?! Think I’d be a spud – the perfect accompaniment to a good meaty dish.

Nick the Knife himself!

Nick the Knife himself!

We’ve heard about Nick the Knife, how did he get the nickname and do any of the rest of the team have similar Lock Stock and two smoking barrels nicknames? 

Haha!! He got this because he never has a knife out of his hand – scary thought when he goes down the pub!! He’s been cutting up meat since around the age of six so the name sort of came about on its own! Because he is so skilled at what he does everybody just started calling him ‘Nick the Knife’!

I get called shiny shoes a lot – since the business has matured I don’t get to spend as much time on the farm and generally find myself in shoes in the office! Hence the name!

pigs at roaming roosters

nick and simon

Nick and Simon looking dapper!

What do you like about working with HelloFresh?

I think Hello Fresh does a great job in bringing together a bunch of great producers, and then not just delivering the goods, but teaching people what to do with them. So many people are scared to try new things with cooking but i believe this gives people the confidence needed to give it a go.

I get Hello Fresh boxes and it works for me!

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