Our Chrimbo Customer Bash!

December 18, 2015
by Trisha Our Stories

    HelloFresh customer Christmas event

    Christmas timmmmme, mistletoe and wine!

    Between packing boxes and creating recipes, we like to remember the reason we’re doing it all. We like to remember that HelloFresh is about our lovely customers and their delicious home-cooked dinners. So, on one fine (slightly rainy) December evening, some of our customers celebrated Christmas with us in London’s Soho. It was a jolly affair with tasty food, sensational wine and beer and excellent company!  As you know, the journey your food takes from farm to fork is one that we take seriously; so we were thrilled that some of our suppliers could join us and meet the very people that rave about the quality of their produce. Among them were our fish monger, James Knight of Mayfair, our butchers; Roaming Roosters as well as our Garlic Farm, R&G Herbs, The Tomato Stall and Linroyale potatoes. Mmmmm we’re so thankful for our great suppliers, HelloFresh just wouldn’t taste as good without them.

    HelloFresh Meat Suppliers

    At let’s face it, we’re a giggly bunch and we love any opportunity to dress up in fancy dress… As you can imagine, a lot of fun was had in the VW campervan photo booth, with plenty of party props – you can take a peek at all of the snaps here

    beer52 craft beer

    Have you heard of Beer52? They’re the World’s No. 1 Craft Beer Club. If you’re a beer lover and you weren’t at the event, their beer went down a storm! So, just for you guys as it’s Christmas, Beer52 are extending their offer to give you 50% off your first Beer52 box! Just enter the code hellofresh12 at the checkout.

    HelloFresh customer Christmas event

    The Thank Yous!

    Firstly we want to thank all our customers and suppliers for taking the time to come down to our little Christmas Bash and have a mingle! We loved meeting you all and we wouldn’t be here without you.

    We also want to say thanks for everyone who added their treats to our customer goodie bags – we hope you enjoyed them and if you want more of what you found in there:

    Eat First Beer52 Naked Wines Portablebay PopcornBluebird TeaMulled WineEmily Fruit Crisps, Fevertree,  Sibberi Birch WaterYellowbooth Photo Booth

    We’re hoping to do more of these events in future (and not just in London!) so make sure to keep your eyes peeled – we’d love you to join us!

    HelloFresh customer Christmas event

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