4 Burger Recipes You Have to Try

August 24, 2017
by Rebecca Down Eat

    We hate to state the obvious, but we love burgers. When it comes to comfort food, there are few things more delicious or satisfying to eat, than a perfectly juicy burger. To celebrate National Burger Day, we’ve chosen four of our favourite HelloFresh burger recipes we know you won’t be able to resist. From a vegan smoked tofu burger to a lazy cook’s sausage burger, we’ve got you covered.

    And because everything’s more fun to eat in miniature, why not try turning these burgers into sliders for a fun way to try out a few different flavours in one go! To make these delicious bite-sized burgers, simply divide each burger patty into three, and use smaller burger buns instead. Tuck in!

    Moroccan Beef Burgers with Potato Wedges and Onion Relish

    burger recipes

    We’ve given a classic burger recipe a brilliant flavour twist that’ll seriously up your burger game. This recipe was inspired by Head Chef Patrick’s trip to Morocco who, after spending some time in the mountains with the nomadic Berber tribes,  returned to Marrakech and treated himself to lunch at the beautiful Ksar Char-Bagh hotel. Their spin on a beef burger left a lasting impression and he couldn’t wait to re-create it for you!

    Classic Sausage Burger with Onion Marmalade, Wedges and Salad

    burger recipes

    Sausages are a lazy cook’s best friend. Take off their skins and you have ready-seasoned meat that’s great for all sorts of things. In this recipe, they make a banger of a burger. Sorry. Ready in 30 minutes, these juicy burgers are the perfect thing for a mid-week pick me up

    Smoked Tofu Burger with Smashed Avocado, Golden Fries and Zesty Salad

    vegetarian burger recipes

    Protein-rich and a great source of calcium, tofu makes a tasty and healthy base for our vegetarian burger. In this recipe, we’ve marinated crispy tofu in a smoky BBQ sauce which works perfectly with limey smashed avocado, juicy sliced tomatoes and crunchy baby gem. Need we say more…?

    Pork Satay Burgers with Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges

    burger recipes

    This burger means business. Bursting with flavour, these juicy peanutty burgers tick all the right boxes and are about to become your Burger Night go-to. Sitting on top of a generous layer of satay sauce, topped with limey salad and served with sweet homemade potato wedges, this recipe is the thing dreams are made of.

    Looking for some dinner inspiration? Tell our Flavour Generator what you’re in the mood for, and it will generate a selection of delicious recipes! Who said magic doesn’t happen in the kitchen? Dinner is solved.

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