Our Fresh Take on the British Roast

October 2, 2019
by Hattie Roasts

    As the season changes, we transition from evenings outdoors to staying in and cosying up. Typically, this starts with what we eat and we start to crave comforting, wholesome food. 

    So, here at HelloFresh, our culinary team have been thinking about the ultimate comfort food – the British roast. Inspired by this nation’s love of a good roast dinner, our talented chefs have recreated the traditional feast, but with a little HelloFresh twist. 

    Available in boxes from this week onwards, you can now add a delicious, decadent roast dinner recipe to your box every week. Look out for the Roast tag on our weekly menu and read on to learn more!

    What makes a HelloFresh roast? 

    Our recipe options feature all of the classic elements of a winning roast dinner, but with added extras to make dinnertime special. Think broccoli cheese, blue cheese celeriac gratin and chorizo savoy cabbage… Drooling yet? 

    No more kitchen disasters

    We’ve all been there. The soggy vegetables, burnt roasties or sitting down at the table to eat only to realise you’ve forgotten the Yorkshire puddings. Making a roast can be complicated, and mistakes often happen. Through our tried and tested, step-by-step recipes, we can guarantee the perfect roast dinner every time. 

    What’s on the menu?

    In boxes 5th October: Herby Roast Pork and Sagey Onion Roasties


    What we’ve created with this recipe is a five-star roast with all the trimmings. Classic flavours of sage and rosemary are used to season the pork and nothing – we repeat, nothing – is more scrumptious than our sage and onion roasties. 

    Add to your box 

    In boxes from 12th October: Garlic Studded Roast Lamb with Provencale Roasted Veggies, Mint and Balsamic Drizzle

    This dish is wholesome, hearty and brimming with amazing flavour. Roasted lamb is always a favourite around the dinner table, but it’s even better when studded with garlic, which really permeates the meat as it roasts. 

    Add to your box 

    For more recipes and to add roasts to your box, click here

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