New on the menu! Introducing BOL Veg Pots October 5, 2020

by Hattie HelloFresh 'Extras'
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    Make your week even tastier with our new Heat and Eat extras.

    We hear your cries for a speedy and delicious lunch solution, and we bring you…

    New, BOL Veg Pots! 

    Brimming with plant-based goodness these tasty pots are a simple solution to ticking off your five a day. Whether you’re juggling back-to-back zoom calls or fancy squeezing in a workout on your lunch break, the BOL Veg Pots are a perfect quick yet wholesome lunch option. Alternatively, serve them as a starter or with your main meal to top up your veg intake.

    Keep reading for how you can add these pots to your weekly menu.


    If you’re making changes on a desktop, you can find the BOL Veg pots under our Heat and Eat option at the bottom of your weekly menu.


    If you are making changes on our app, you can find and add desserts by selecting ‘2. Add Extras’ in your ‘My Menu‘ option.

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