Mimi and Mel’s Mother’s Day Brownie Recipe March 22, 2019

by Mimi Morley Eat
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    Melt in your mouth fudgy chocolate brownies. Mimi shares her favourite brownie recipe, just in time for Mother’s Day…

    I would like to paint an idyllic picture of my Mum and I cooking happily in the kitchen side by side sharing ideas and helping each other out. The reality is very different – if we cook together, it normally ends in a screaming match and normally a lot of tears.

    However, we do share a love of good food, especially when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth. My mother might swear by living on a diet of purely tomatoes and eating every other day – but I know this isn’t the truth! She can eat 12 Krispy Kremes in 1 sitting and wolfs down family size bars of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk like nothing I’ve ever seen before…

    We both love this brownie recipe which is fudgy, rich and delicious. You don’t need to add all the extra bits but they do make them slightly more luxurious! You can even add even more of your favourite choccy bars if you want. A great recipe to treat your mum to on Mothers day!