Mocktail recipes for those lazy Sunday

August 3, 2014
by hellofresh Our Recipes

    When your body needs a rest it doesn’t mean drinks need to be boring juice or fizzy drinks. You can stir up some refreshing mocktails to end the week and laze around in the summer weather. Plus now that summer holidays have officially started for a week, these can be shared by all in the family. Here are our favourite mocktail recipes.

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    Apple-basil Mojitos recipe

    Apple-basil Mojitos by Cheeky Kitchen

    Mojito, mojito, mojito is probably the best summer drink there is. Minty and light to cool off in the heat. However Cheeky Kitchen has come up with a non-alcoholic version which is just as good and will be popular with kids who like apple juice.

    Frozen Coconut Limeade mocktail recipe

    Frozen Coconut Limeade by She Wears Too Many Hats

    This recipe has both alcoholic and non-alcoholic version, we are swayed more with the alcoholic version as it contains rum. Now our designer,Caroline, will be able to tell you that rum is delicious especially from the Caribbeans . (The non-alcoholic version contains coconut cream.)

    Watermelon Frosty mocktail

    Watermelon Frosty mocktail

    Watermelon is so versatile and they are great for summer. Not only are they great for freezing as they contain lots of water but as they warm up, the sweetness is enhanced. The best part about the recipe is that you can substitute it with other fruits and it will create nearly the result, but just not as tasty.

    Happy Sunday!

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