James & Jasmine’s Cooking Victory June 15, 2016

by Trisha Our Stories


It’s Father’s Day on Sunday! Woop woop! So, here’s James and his cuter than cute daughter Jasmine to share their father and daughter story. They’re from Hornsey in London where they cook HelloFresh with mummy Anna. They’re all busy bees – working, playing tennis, painting, eating ice cream or going to soft play – so eating meals together is super important to them – which is where HelloFresh recipe boxes come in!

What are your HelloFresh cooking triumphs?

For us, cooking is home and home is where the heart is! It’s a fun journey for us, especially as Jasmine starts to pick up the skills needed to make awesome cookies or help us with dinner. HelloFresh is a triumph in itself by helping Jasmine on her own special journey to liking “green stuff” (aka vegetables).

What’s your favourite HelloFresh memory?

Every HelloFresh meal is a memory! 🙂

HelloFresh Customers Family Box

What’s your favourite food in the world and why?

James – Basically, anything cooked well with a little thought or more. But my fave is sushi or other fish meals, it’s so good and healthy!

Jasmine – Noodles! “Because … they are tasty and fun to eat!”

What’s your favourite HelloFresh recipe and why?

James – Chicken with Tarragon Sauce! The incredible taste of tarragon with chicken and a hint of butter is oh so satisfying.

Jasmine – Meatballs!  “ ‘cause they are very yummy and I like rolling them!”

Which food would you put in room 101?

Jasmine – Mushy Peas, “ ‘cause …. … they taste very yucky!”

James – Egg! I haven’t eaten them (except in cake) since I was two!


Want to Make Dinner Simple?

Our boxes will do the trick”


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