Meet the Box Thinkers: Shelly

August 1, 2016
by Trisha Our Stories


    Getting to know you

    With some of them [ingredients], I was like what on earth is that? When my first box arrived, it had a piece of ginger in it and a sweet potato and I was like what is that?! A sweet potato?! Just a normal potato but really sweet – never had one of those before, but I’ll give it a go. I can’t believe I didn’t know what any of these ingredients were!

    I was never brought up like that, you see.

    My mum’s a really traditional cook, a baker really. I was brought up on things like hotpots, shepherd’s pie, chips, and eggs and beans – which I loved when I was growing up but obviously society’s changed now and you can’t go anywhere without someone serving blah blah sauce!

    And I’m learning little things about cooking too – like wrapping pork in tin foil and leaving it after frying – it was so succulent! Little things like that, no one tells you. I remember making this one chicken a la king [when at school], I couldn’t even tell you how I made it now, and I didn’t even like it when I did make it! You just don’t get taught these sorts of things in school and they should make it a compulsory thing.

    Making every penny count

    We’ve got to a point now, where we’re not going to the supermarket, we’re not buying the random usual rubbish and we’ve probably saved the amount of money we’d waste in there.

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    A Trip Down Memory Lane

    That’s what I like about HelloFresh – the meals are all so different. Random things I’ve learned: last week we had the pork with gooseberry sauce and we absolutely loved it!


    Years ago, my nan always made gooseberry pie and I used to help her top and tail them, so it brought back all these memories.

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    Like mum, like daughter

    She comes in the kitchen and likes to help me – I let her stir. Some things she’s looked at and said, ‘no I don’t like it,’ but I make her taste it – the most important thing is that she’s tasting it though. She wants to be a baker when she’s older! She loves baking.

    Anyway, no more getting ratty because I have to cook, no more meals taking up hours of my time, and no more unhealthy eating. My little girl has tried new things, she’s only 8 and I’m thankful that she will in time learn new things for her future from me now. I thank you all for completely enriching our lives for our future and future generations to come. I am no longer frightened or hassled by cooking and I’m like a kid at Christmas waiting for my next goody box.

    A huge big thank you hello fresh from me, my little girl Maisie, and my Mum.

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