Meet the Box Thinkers: Sally

August 1, 2016
by Trisha Our Stories


    Supermarket sweep

    We’d [Sally and her husband] really rush the food shop – like it had to be done after work and we thought, ‘shall we do this?’ We’d grab loads of ingredients on the back of that decision. Buying on a whim, we found we were wasting a lot of food. On the way home from work, it was like grab something. Worst-case scenario: grab anything and everything!

    A classic can go wrong

    We’d make chilli nearly every other night – you’re just making the same food. You haven’t got any other ingredients, so it’s just chilli, chilli, chilli.

    I haven’t had any HelloFresh meals or recipes we haven’t liked. There’s one with meatballs, which was amazing. And your risotto! Risotto is ridiculously difficult to make but this one came out so well. It’s all about the gradual stirring in off the stock, not lumping it all in, in one go! I love the handy hints too.

    Waste not, want not

    We never had time to cook and eat all the food we used to buy [at the supermarket]. We didn’t know what we were doing, so we ended up wasting money.

    With HelloFresh, the food is already there in the right quantities, you have the recipes there – these individual dishes. That’s the key thing. We haven’t felt like we’ve wasted any money or food. I hate wasting food.

    Intolerance friendly

    I have a couple of food intolerances… but I’ve been able to adapt some of your recipes. So for example, I substitute potato with sweet potato and I love it ‘coz then me and my husband can both eat the same meal.

    It’s so rare to do that with recipes I feel? ‘Coz otherwise it separates us off a bit cooking separate meals and that’s why we’d eat chilli all the time. With HelloFresh, we’re now eating the same thing – but different recipes almost everyday and it feels like I barely have to change anything!

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