Meet The Box Thinkers: Chris

August 1, 2016
by Trisha Our Stories

    The Great Experiment

    I’m getting more confident with cooking. I was a chemist when I was at college, so I’m used to following recipes by the letter. When it comes to recipes, I tend to be very exact about what I’m doing and therefore I reproduce quite well – what the instructions are saying and so on… Obviously chefs won’t measure out 3.75 grams of flour, they just take a handful and chuck it in – but that comes from years of practise. I’m used to doing things exactly, but I’m relaxing more and starting to throw things in now.

    It’s Easier in Pairs


    Kit’s my partner. We’ve been together for forty years. Married for ten. I do all the cooking. I was making one of the HelloFresh recipes two or three weeks ago – oriental duck with orange. So Kit came down and said, ‘let me help you’. I told him, ‘you can prepare the oranges while I’m preparing the duck,’ and later when I turned around, he had one piece of orange in his mouth and had another one for me to put in my mouth – he’s helpful in his own way.

    Live well

    Like most people my age, I have a pot belly because I like red wine! But I am also very keen on keeping fit. One aspect of this of course is food. Sitting on the couch eating McDonald’s and crisps, you’ll end up having serious health issues.

    Essentially what HelloFresh has gone and said is, ‘you’ve busy lifestyles, you haven’t got time, you have two kids, a family etc., it doesn’t actually hurt you to do it, it costs slightly more than the supermarket – but we’re going to give you everything you require to make a range of meals that will suit your lifestyle.’ It’s a clever concept! It’s something that would help anybody to get back on their feet.

    Let’s eat together

    We have a place in Spain and when we’re there, it’s like we’re one of the locals. They do things in a different way. It’s a different environment and they eat at the same time every night. I think we have to look at the way other people live. There are better ways of living.

    We all have to eat and food is the focus of many cultures. It brings people into a group together – eating together, talking together. In a social group, when you do that, you relax together, and it makes life a lot less stressful.

    Till the last drop

    So I cooked one of your meals, steak with tagliatelle and peppercorn sauce, and we [Chris and his partner Kit] had just finished our meal. Kit was clearing away. He’d decided the plates weren’t clean enough and I caught him licking the plates clean before putting them in the dishwasher! The sauce was really that good!


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