Our Tips For Managing Your HelloFresh Account

April 6, 2020
by Rebecca Down Learn

    Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions on managing your HelloFresh account …

     How do I log into my account?

    Having trouble logging in? Try these tips to access your account:

    • Click here to head straight to the log-in page. [TIP: If you followed this link and can’t see a log-in page, you may already be logged in! Check the top-right corner of the page for your name.]
    • You will need to log in using your email address or your Facebook account depending on how you first signed up.
    • If you signed up using your email address and you forgot your password, click ‘ Forgot password? ‘and enter the email address you used to sign up.  [TIP: Please check your spam folder if you can’t see the new password email in your inbox in a few minutes.]

    How do I change my box type and size?

    We know that life is unpredictable and some weeks you may have more people in the house than the next! That’s why we have made changing your box type as easy as possible right here.

    Just follow these steps:

    • Click here to log in to your HelloFresh account.
    • Hover over your username on the right-hand side of the screen and select  ‘Settings’ .
    • Head to  ‘Plan Settings’ .
    • Under ‘ Meal Plan ‘, select the box type you want and press save .

    If you’re not sure what box type is the perfect one for you, head here for more details. If you have a preference (veggie / low calorie), you can only select the 3 meal classic box.

    How do I select my recipes?

    This link will take you directly to your menu where you can select your recipes up to 4 weeks in advance. Make sure you are on the correct week. To remove a recipe from your box click on the icon in the below image.

    You can then select the recipes in your box for the upcoming weeks. Remember to save your selections.

    Make sure you check back each week to select your meals. The cut-off is always 11:59 PM on Tuesday, the week before your delivery. We are a weekly subscription service, so account management is key.

    PS If you don’t want to think about choosing your meals each week, you can now let us do the hard work for you. For more information just click  here.

    How do I add extras to my box?

    You’ll now find ready-made desserts, BOL ready-to-heat soups, veggie sides, quality wines and bread on our weekly menu – simply add them to your box to make dinner even tastier.

    All the extras can be found on your menu page. To add them, click the edit menu button and select the extras, along with your chosen recipes, and away you go. Don’t forget to save your changes!

    How much will I be charged?

    The price of your delivery depends on the type of box you order and the meals or add-ons you select each week. Take a look at all our recipes and pricing options here . 

    If you chose an add-on (Premium Meal or Dinner To Lunch meal), you will see an extra charge for these goodies, separately to your normal meal box. Below is what you will see in your menu (this is an example).

    As you’ll see, the price points do vary and can change week by week, so make sure you take a look. The premium recipes with an additional charge will always be towards the top of your menu.

    We have recently introduced extras which you can add to your box. Click here to find out more about our extras.

    A delivery fee may also apply – you’ll see this when you create your subscription. 

    Looking for more answers? Have a look at our Help Center .

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