How to Make your Own Vegetable Stock February 4, 2016

by Trisha Our Cooking tools
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    I put stock in a LOT of things when I’m cooking. In all honesty, if stock had never been invented I would be a bit lost. Sauces, stews, soups, rice, cous cous, veggies… the list is endless.Nowadays you can get such wonderful stock from great suppliers like Kent’s Kitchen. However, we like to make sure that if you’d like to make your own stock, you know how.

    It’s Easy to Make & Easy to Store

    Stock is just a broth flavoured by whatever is in it. So, we’re going to start with a vegetable stock because it’s the easiest.


    I would recommend cooking a lot of stock and then letting it cool. Once it’s cooled popped the liquid in some ice holders and pop in the freezer. Then whenever you need some stock you can just pop it in! SO EASY AND CONVENIENT!