How to Make the Perfect Paper Plane May 15, 2017

by Trisha How to cook

how to make a paper plane

We love a bit of tele, and Netflix as much as the next person, and we’ve still got a soft spot for our favourite cartoons when they’re on. But as part of our campaign to add a bit of zest to your day, we’re challenging you to get crafty with a paper plane competition with the kids (or whoever else fancies it). In order to give your kids a head start, we created this state of the art template for what is the most esquisite paper plane you’ll try.

Before you ask… this is just for the kids – adults, you should have a enough practice to create your own… but honestly… the kids will beat you. We’ve properly tested this paper plane in the office and it’s an absolute winner.

How to make the perfect paper plane

  • Just download the PDF below for as many kids as you need
  • Xut along the pink line
  • Fold as the instructions show.

Download your paper plane template here.

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