Low sugar breakfast: Apple rings

September 3, 2015
by Trisha Eat

    gluten free apple rings
    So, it might not be official yet – but I can hear the cosy, comforting sound of autumn and the rustle of slightly stronger breezes blowing through the trees like mischievious children. I adore summer, but autumn is the season that will always steal my heart. Why? Because it’s the season where the kitchen once again becomes the heart and soul of daily life. The garden lies peaceful, covered with leaves and raindrops. It’s also harvest time, which means lots of delicious fruits, veggies and herbs to be plucked from local farms and neighbours gardens and put into stews and crumbles, pies and soups.

    One thing about autumn to take note of, is that many of us exchange lighter meals, for more stodgier comfort food. This is a great idea in many ways and there is nothing wrong with a delicious pie… but The Fresh Times is taking on the responsibility of showing you lots of snacks and meals to ease you into Autumn in a cosy, but healthier and sugar free way. So, here are all our sugar free and low-sugar recipes – keep an eye out. We will be adding to this soon. Also our gluten-free and dairy-free categories are going to be big this season.

    sugar free apple rings

    A low-sugar breakfast recipe: Apple rings

    Note: These are also gluten-free

    These sugar-free apple rings make up for what they lack in sugar with mountains of flavour. Who needs refined sugar when, in the words of Marge Simpson “Fruit is nature’s candy”. These apple rings will take approximately  10 minutes to make and that’s if you’re a really slow slicer!

    Sugar-free Apple snack


    • 2 apples
    • sugar free peanut butter
    • honey
    • berries
    • nuts (of your choice) – i used pistachio and almonds


    1. Cut the apple into thin slices
    2. Use a knife to cut around the central “seed” area and remove from each slice – it will look like a ring
    3. Use a spoon to spread the peanut butter on each one
    4. Add your tops and a nice bit of honey to each
    5. Enjoy!

    Do you have any snacks of foods that you love but you want to know how to make them just as tasty without sugar? Just write it in the comments and I will get to it!


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