Kimberley’s Birthday Cake Recipe… January 13, 2016

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HelloFresh Birthday Cake

At the Fresh Farm, we celebrate home cooking of all kinds (especially on our birthday)! Whether you’re sauteeing, roasting or baking, we’re happy that it’s from scratch. So, when Kimberley from the Great British Bake Off said she’d bake our 4th birthday cake we went slightly bonkers. Bonkers in the best way possible – the kind of bonkers where you’re all giggling to yourselves.

While Kimberley was baking this epic cherry and coconut sandwich cake, there was a fair bit of loitering going on by the cake fans in the team. So… everyone!

Kimberley Wilson & HelloFresh

So, Kimberley what’s your earliest birthday memory and was there cake involved?

I still remember the birthday cake my mum made for my brother’s birthday. He’s a few years older than me, so I must have been tiny but I remember that she made him a toadstool cake that was decorated with jelly sweets. I thought it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen! It was that cake that was the inspiration for the one that I made for the novelty cake challenge in Bake Off.

What inspired this cherry and coconut cake recipe?

Well, I always start with the flavours in mind and cherry and coconut are two flavours that work really well together. The coconut is very rich and earthy and the sharp fruitiness of the cherries complements that very well. I’m also experimenting with using coconut oil in baking recipes. There are some interesting studies of the anti-stress and antioxidant (and potentially neuroprotective) effects of virgin coconut oil and whilst I avoid using ingredients solely for their health benefits if it a) tastes good and b) makes sense in the recipe then I’m more than happy to.

We heard you’ve got a new supperclub called Eat with Your Mindful? We’re intrigued…

It was borne out of a desire to get back to a more meaningful appreciation of food. I think there is a trend now for food being broken down into its constituent parts and looking at ingredients as simply nutrients to be arranged on a plate, which I think is sad and dangerous. As a psychologist I know that our relationship with food goes much deeper than that; food and eating connect us to family, culture, celebration, memories and so much more. The Eat with Your Mindful supper club invites diners to turn off their phones so that they can engage with the interesting people around the dinner table with them and we throw in a few conversation starters to help that process along. The dinners are centred on a relevant theme, so our launch dinner in December 2015 was all about memories and nostalgia and we’re seeing if we can fit one in in February all about how food is linked to love, affection and relationships.

What is your favourite HelloFresh recipe and why?

I really like Patrick’s Tandoori Take-Down with Brown Rice. It’s the kind of food I love to eat; warming, nutritious and satisfying.


And… drum roll please for OUR 4th Birthday CAKE

HelloFresh Birthday Cake

Enjoy! And if you bake this beauty, don’t forget to share it with us on social media with the hashtag #HelloFreshSnaps

Happy Baking!

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