Chef Mimi’s Christmas Jam Cookies December 1, 2017

by Rebecca Down Learn
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    Warm up your ovens, Christmas is just around the corner and what better way to kick off the festive season than with a big batch of Chef Mimi’s jam cookies. Perfect with a cup of tea, these jam cookies really are as delicious as they look. These jam cookies are really easy to make and a great thing to try out with the kids to keep them busy. And if you’re trying to save on Christmas presents this year, buy a couple of glass jars, some nice tissue paper and a bit of red candy cane string to tie around the top and you’ve got yourself a pretty lovely, homemade present. Bake these the day before Christmas for the ultimate freshness.


    If you liked these and you want more, give Father Christmas’ Orange and Walnut Cookies a try. They’re so delicious you won’t want to put them out for Father Christmas when the big day comes.

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