Introducing Our Extra Special Maldon Salt Recipes

September 24, 2021
by Hattie Limited Edition Recipes

    Recipes inspired by the UK’s Master Salt Makers.

    Newsflash! We’ve got just the recipes to bring an extra special touch to dinnertime. Because who says weeknights don’t deserve a show-stopper? 

    We’ve partnered up with the UK’s Master Salt Makers themselves, Maldon Salt, to deliver you not one but TWO premium recipes featuring deliciously decadent ingredients. They’re easy to prepare, but your guests certainly wouldn’t know it. With ingredients like roasted salmon in a tomato-butter sauce or fillet steak with creamy peppercorn sauce, get ready to drool reading these.

    Salmon and Herby Maldon Smashed Potatoes with Roasted Tenderstem Broccoli and Tomato Butter Sauce

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    Take a bite of this delicious Salmon Parcel, featuring Herby Potatoes smashed with Maldon Salt. These soft, crunchy sea salt flakes contain the perfect balance of natural minerals, offering a fresh intensity and clean taste to enhance the dish. Pair with Roasted Purple Sprouting Broccoli and top with a Tomato Butter Sauce you have an extra special recipe that everyone will love.

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    Fillet Steak and Creamy Peppercorn Sauce with Maldon and Rosemary Hasselback Potatoes, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Chantenay Carrots

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    OK, so we don’t know the science, but steak will always feel special, especially an impromptu steak on a weeknight. It’s a fact. But our Fillet Steak and Creamy Peppercorn Sauce takes that feeling to a whole new level. 

    The Maldon Salt sea salt flakes create a delicious contrast of flavours, complimenting the umami tastes of fillet steak and cutting through the creamy peppercorn sauce just perfectly. Serve with fresh roasted vegetables, and you have a seriously fancy dish without the fuss. 

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