HelloFresh Women’s Day Heroes – Renee & Ellie

March 8, 2016
by Trisha Our Stories

    At the Fresh Farm, we’re all agreed – men and women are both awesome. As it’s International Women’s Day, I wanted to celebrate the women who make HelloFresh happen. It was so hard to choose just two, as we’ve got so many amazing women but here are two HelloFresh Heroes: Ellie and Renee. They work tirelessly to make sure all our customers get what they love on the menu! They’re our legendary menu planning duo.

    international women's day hellofresh

    Ellie and Renee

    It’s International Women’s Day: as women, why do you like working at HelloFresh so much?

    Renee says: “It’s great to work for HelloFresh no matter what gender you are. We truly have an equal work environment and everyone strives to be the best they can. There’s not a single role that’s gender specific. Our work environment allows people to challenge each other, and not take things for granted but to really think outside the box.”


    Ellie says: “That this question was so difficult to answer is testament to how all-embracing, diverse HelloFresh is. No role or team here is gender specific. We utilise having such a diverse group of people who bring creative ideas, originality and brilliant quirks that make HelloFresh such a great place to work and a brilliant thing to be a part of. I hope customers love our product as much as we love getting it to them. “


    So, guys – what do you do every day at HelloFresh?

    We’re the ones who pick all those delicious recipes you see in your box. We look at all recipes ever created by our lovely chefs, and we go for the best possible combination. We also make sure our Supply Chain and Procurement team knows exactly what to order for which recipe. And finally, and probably most excitingly, we go through the weekly customer feedback that our wonderful customers send us. This means we read A LOT of comments from all you guys . Your comments are so important to us as they help us not only create better menus, but also improve individual recipes.

    We let our culinary team know what our customers like and don’t like, so new recipes are based on what you guys love.

    What’s your favourite task?

    Easy! Choosing the menus!
    Every week we sit together for a couple of hours, and talk through which combinations of recipes we have in mind for a week’s menu. We listen to each others reasons and thoughts behind that combination, pick each others brains, play devil’s advocate on whatever the other came up with and at the end of the meeting we have found the perfect menu. But obviously our customers are the true judge of that as soon as they receive the box and cook it all up! End of the day it’s pretty amazing that the two of us get to decide what thousands and thousands of Brits eat that evening. It’s super rewarding!


    What’s your favourite thing about HelloFresh?

    Working in such a fun environment, where the heart of the business is all about food and helping our customers discover new ingredients and combinations. It doesn’t even feel like going to work, and days fly by that I always wonder where the time went.
    My favourite day is probably Thursday! Every Thursday Ellie and I work from our development kitchen, which means we get to taste all the delicious meals our chefs are creating before anyone else gets to even see the recipe. The downside is that you always leave with a really full tummy though! But I guess it’s good to have a relatively light dinner once a week 😉


    Thanks Renee and Ellie for being such wonderful team players and thanks to all the women who make HelloFresh happen – both at the Fresh Farm and at home. We’re celebrating you guys today!
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