3 Tasty Foods that are Great for Hydration March 1, 2017

by Trisha Learn
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    Everyone is pretty much aware that drinking 2 litres of water of every day is a great way to stay hydrated. What’s not so clear is how to do that without being bored to death. Don’t worry, we’re banishing boredom to the sidelines, with these three ideas on how to improve your hydration while digging into some tasty treats.

    Hydration 101

    Hydration isn’t just about staying alive. So many of us are dehydrated to a level which is fine but just not ideal. Here’s how hydration will improve your life:

    1. Fights lethargy

    Your body needs water to provide energy and have good cell function. If you’re hydrated you’ll also sleep better which also restores your bodies systems and allows your to have bags of energy, which also rules out lethargy.

    2. Reduces High Blood Pressure

    When the body is fully hydrated, the blood is approximately 92% water. This helps to keep the blood moving freely through the veins and arteries, helping to prevent high blood pressure along with other cardiovascular ailments.

    3. Prevents unwanted weight gain

    When your cells don’t have enough water they can’t create energy that they need to work. So they say “hey… get us more energy brain”. The brain then tells your to eat more, when really all you need is water.

    4. Slows down aging process

    To function properly, our cells needs water to provide energy. Without water, they work doubly as hard, which means they age quickly.

    5. Means Healthier Skin

    With proper hydration, your skin is at its best. Without it, your skin can’t get rid of toxins so you’re prone to break outs, irritation, congestion and lots of other undesireable things.

    Delicious Inspiration

    Watermelon Popsicles

    Chop up your watermelons and pop them on ice lolly sticks. Simple.

    Pineapple smoothie bowl

    Make a smoothie with pineapple – you can use the one we’ve listed above. Don’t throw your hollowed out pineapple away and use it as a pretty bowl. Hydrating and Instagrammable.

    Grilled pineapple

    Peel your pineapple and cut into wedges. Bake in the over for about 20 minutes at 160 degrees C.


    Here’s to tastier hydration!