How To Wrap A Burrito

June 6, 2024
by HelloFresh Tips & tricks

    A staple in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, burritos are typically made up of delicious fillings, salsa, guacamole and a tortilla wrap. Sounds easy, right? Well, for the most part it is, until it comes to wrapping it. Rolling a burrito can be a challenge, struggling with an overstuffed wrap that unravels as it’s eaten. If this sounds like you, these instructions below should help: 

    1. Gather your ingredients. You’ll need a tortilla wrap, alongside any fillings and toppings you’d like to put inside your burrito. 
    2. Warm up the tortilla in the microwave, oven or on the stove. This makes the burrito easier to roll. 
    3. Add your fillings to the centre of the wrap. For a more traditional burrito, you can use ingredients such as meat, rice and beans. Make sure you don’t overfill your wrap as this can make it harder to roll.
    4. Add your toppings, like cheese, salsa and guacamole. Again at this point, it’s important to be careful not to overfill your wrap. 
    5. Fold in the sides of the tortilla so they nearly touch
    6. Using your thumbs, bring up the bottom of the tortilla wrap, tucking in the ends as you go as if you are wrapping a gift. 
    7. Begin rolling the tortilla from the bottom as tightly as you possibly can, then keep on rolling until you reach the end. 
    8. Once you’re at the end of the tortilla, press and crease as you finish rolling it up. This will help the burrito stay in place. Now you should have a tightly wrapped burrito ready to eat. 


    How to wrap a burrito in foil

    Wrapping a burrito in foil is a great way to not only keep your burrito in place, but also keep it warm, fresh and safe if you’re on-the-go. Simply repeat the instructions above, but on top of the foil you’re planning to use. Once you get to the end, wrap it up, then scrunch the top and bottom of the foil to keep it in place. 


    Tortilla TikTok hacks

    Social media can be a great place to find some advice from the experts, in this case, Barburrito UK. The popular Mexican food chain is known for their burrito wrapping skills, as you can see by this video. If you’re still struggling to wrap your burrito, Barburrito UK also has a tip for using two tortilla wraps, but be warned, this might be enough to last you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


    Burrito recipes

    Now you know how to fold a burrito, I bet you’re wanting some recipe inspiration to put your new found skills to the test. HelloFresh has so many delicious burrito recipes, so pick one that tickles your taste buds below: 

    All food products vary. The instructions printed on the food packaging always supersedes those printed in this article and must always be followed.
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