Everything You Need To Know About The HelloFresh App

March 31, 2020
by Rebecca Down Learn

    How we’ve put the ‘app’ in appetite…Here’s everything you need to know about the HelloFresh app.

    Do you find yourself running around the kitchen trying to remember which step of the recipe you’re at? Can’t remember whether you’re meant to be chopping or grating the carrot in your hand?

    Fear not.

    If you’ve not downloaded the HelloFresh app (available for Apple devices and Android), then you’re missing a trick! Our app has been designed to help you easily manage your account, search our huge recipe archive and choose and cook your weekly recipes with an in-built timer and step by step guide that will have you prepping like a pro in no time at all.

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    3 Reasons To Download Our App:

    1. Get inspired in the kitchen:

    • Explore thousands of our tried and tested recipes in our huge recipe archive which can be saved to your favourites.
    • Search for a specific recipe or ingredient, and follow our step-by-step instructions for dinners that work every single time.
    • Sort, add to favourites, and rate our recipes so they are easy to find.

    2. Manage your HelloFresh subscription:

    • Choose your favourite recipes from our changing weekly menu and make changes up until Wednesday at midnight.
    • Manage your subscription, track your orders, and easily change your delivery and billing details.
    • Fancy a different box type? You can easily change your box preference via ‘account settings’ in our app.

    3. Cook along with our in-built timer:

    • Use our interactive cooking modes with food prepping tips to make cooking simple and stress-free.
    • Our in-built cooking timer will help you keep track of everything and can be set up with Apple Watch so you’re sent notifications when things need to be taken out of the oven/ off the hob/ plated up!
    • Take photos of your finished dish to share with friends and family – don’t forget to tag us in your #hellofreshsnaps
    • Keeping fit with Apple Health app? Your meal’s nutritional values will be automatically updated so that you can stay on track and hit your goals.

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