How To Serve & Save Your Food

April 16, 2020
by Rebecca Down Uncategorized

    Here at HelloFresh, we’ve made it our mission to reduce food waste.

    That’s why our ingredients are pre-portioned and packed to reduce waste. We’ll only ever send you exactly what you need to cook your chosen recipes!

    When it comes to food waste in the home, serving and storing your food properly can really help to cut down on the amount of food you end up throwing away. Our chefs have shared their handy hints for storing and serving food wisely, helping you take your fresh produce that extra bit further.

    Fresh Salad

    Only dress the amount you’ll definitely eat on individual plates so leftovers still have life in them by lunchtime the following day.


    Freeze mince in manageable portions. Cut a 400g pack into four equal strips and freeze in bags to use as you need. They’ll defrost more quickly and you won’t use more than necessary.


    Butter freezes very well, so if you’re only going to use half a block, don’t let it languish in your fridge. Defrost quickly by grating it.


    Store potatoes in a cool, dark, ventilated place, away from onions!

    Woody Herbs

    Help woody herbs like rosemary & thyme last longer and wrap in damp kitchen paper before storing together in an airtight container in the fridge.

    Serve your food in dishes

    Let people help themselves – any leftovers can be saved for later unlike unwanted food on plates!

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