How To Nail Al Fresco Dining

July 5, 2021
by Hattie Unpack Summer

    Get your al fresco dining spot on with these simple tips. 

    Enjoy a range of al fresco sharing sides

    Al fresco sharing sides from HelloFresh

    The British weather has finally decided to behave and with more opportunity to see friends and family, there’s one hot topic right now: How to nail that perfect garden party and al fresco dining.

    So how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd? Simple, just follow our tips below to be the host with the most…

    Get dressed
    We’re not talking about you here – we’re sure you have impeccable taste, it’s more about the garden. Evening party? Set the ambience with a few fairy lights draped around fences, or woven around umbrella stands. Going for a theme? Add some soft furnishings to reflect this, whether it’s cute jars for a vintage theme or brightly coloured cushions for a Mexican fiesta… pst – add to the fun here with our Crispy Nachos with Chorizo Queso and Refried Bean Dips – great for sharing and great for bringing Mexican tastiness in.

    Make it simply delicious
    No host wants to spend their party cooking so think outside the box. Go for sharing platters that are simple and easy to cook from scratch. Impress your friends and family with moreish Honey Baked Oregano and Chilli Feta with Garlicky Flatbread Fingers, bring home a twist on classics like our 4 Cheese Garlic Focaccia Bread or Twice-baked Cheese & Bacon Potatoes and let’s not forget the salad. We think this Roasted Pepper, Serrano & Mozzarella Salad is a perfect pick – just pop it in a big bowl and watch everyone dig in. Go for one or pick them all, but be warned, they’ll taste so good, your guests will want to come back for more.

    Sharing dishes

    Enjoy al fresco sharers

    Get the drinks ready
    The secret to a great al fresco dining experience? Good drinks – after the dinner of course. And the more prep you can do in advance the better. Want cocktails? Try these 3 Big Batch Cocktail Recipes or make fresh lemonade for a refreshing non-alcoholic choice.

    How to enjoy an al fresco party

    The perfect drinks for an al fresco party

    Hit the sweet spot
    So you’ve got the drinks and sharing sides sorted, but everyone knows the best way to keep your guests happy is with a cheeky dessert. Again, the key to these is simplicity. That’s why we’re all heart-eyes over our specially selected new Gü Inspirations Desserts. Take a bite of American inspired indulgence with the Cookies & Cream dessert or pick up a Chocolate & Honeycomb pot. Ready to eat, all you have to do is serve them up – or let guests pick one up themselves!

    Bring on the beats
    Make your al fresco party pop with some carefully chosen beats all tied into your theme. Going for a vintage party? Crack on classical sounds. Following a globally inspired theme? A few carefully selected tunes from your country of choice will make guests smile, or let your guests play DJ. Ask each for a song they love in advance and compile a playlist ready for when they arrive. It’ll be music to their ears.

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